Change DEVENV_ROOT path for devenv

I am using devenv for my python development through devShells in my flake.nix. The default path for python virtual env is $env.DEVENV_ROOT/something but my devenv root is set to / so to make any changes, I’ll need to root. Can I change my devenv root to my home directory/.shells or is there a different way to invoke nix develop so that I wouldn’t be dropped into a root shell.

nix develop --impure

Thanks that helped. I am facing a new issue though, my jupyter installed in the packages section of devenv cannot see packages installed with pip inside devenv. How do I install jupyter inside venv?

I enabled venv with languages.python.venv.enable

Edit: fixed it by running jupyter with python -m


Nice! Could you post the whole devenv.nix for posterity?

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I use flake.nix, so in the outputs I add this

      # Develpment environment shells
      devShells.${pkgs.system}.py = devenv.lib.mkShell {
        inherit inputs pkgs;
        modules = [{
          languages.python.enable = true;
          languages.python.venv.enable = true;
          packages = with pkgs;
              (python3.withPackages (ps:
                with ps; [
                  wheel # for building pip packages

I can then invoke the shell with nix develop --impure .#py

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