Channels stuck for one week

I noticed unstable and 18.09 channels are stuck since quite a few days, I submitted a patch for what seems to cause the fail on unstable.

For the 18.09 channel it seems that some build machines might be stuck. My guess would be packet-epyc-1 which has jobs dated for more than 5 days.


Right, let me re-use this thread – 18.09 is stuck because of the “hanging jobs” on packet-epyc-1. @grahamc: IIRC restarting that machine would solve this. (I’m fairly certain that I can’t help this situation through Hydra GUI.)

For reference, all channels seem fresh now.


Unfortunately the last release-18.09 tests are failing again: Hydra - Build 84176105 of job nixos:release-18.09:tested All failures are on packet-epyc-1.

I’m not sure why. I suspect that system load shoots up sometimes; nixos tests are more sensitive to that due to various internal timeouts.

I just try to check channel status once or twice a week and “solve” such trivial issues (e.g. restarting jobs). 18.09 updated today, but unstable has at least one reproducibly failing test (even locally).