CIFS Mount as User, @ in Directory Name

I have a @ character in the directory name:

  fileSystems."/mnt/share@danzinger" = {
      device = "//Hukarz-PC/share";
      fsType = "cifs";

It doesn’t seem to like that:

Failed to open /nix/store/kr4ys3a9ayxsvn6lg28jw9d44gj2kbhi-nixos-system-spartacus-22.05.4423.e09913998d8/etc/systemd/system/home-b0ef-share\x40danzinger.mount: No such file or directory at /nix/store/kr4ys3a9ayxsvn6lg28jw9d44gj2kbhi-nixos-system-spartacus-22.05.4423.e09913998d8/bin/switch-to-configuration line 198.
starting the following units: home-b0ef-share\x40danzinger.mount
Failed to start home-b0ef-share\x40danzinger.mount: Unit home-b0ef-share\x40danzinger.mount not found.
warning: error(s) occurred while switching to the new configuration

I still want to use that character in the name. Possible?:wink:

i would begin by trying to escape it: \@, or is it ''@?