Cisco ThreatGRID is looking for a senior appliance engineer


Much like the previous posting from Charles, Cisco ThreatGRID’s* appliance team is looking for a senior engineer to help us build, ship, and support the ThreatGRID product in appliance form. ThreatGRID provides static and dynamic malware analysis as a service, both in cloud and on-premises formats. We spin up VMs with various levels of instrumentation, let the malware do its thing, and then perform analysis on the results. That rich analysis is then available for both security researchers and incident response to inform decision-making, find new threats, and respond to active threats.

Nix is our build system, we generate read-only, signed filesystem images as a final product, and ship a Nix store for components that aren’t part of the cloud team’s release. We’re big fans of Nix and its declarative nature.

We’re a team distributed across the US and Canada, and are well-versed in working remotely. More details about day-to-day responsibilities are available at Senior Appliance Engineer TD&R | Security, where you can also apply if you’re interested. Feel free to reach out to me outside of applying for the role, if you have more questions.

(*): These days our team is known as “Cisco Secure Malware Analytics”, but ThreatGRID is still used by many.

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