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2024-03-20T15:00:00Z2024-03-20T16:00:00Z Open board meeting
Encouraging open discussion, questions or just about any topic related to the Foundation.
If we don’t have something specific we will roll with the regular NixOS foundation board agenda items.

EDIT: Fixed the time. AM/PM is too complex for me it seems

2024-03-13T16:00:00Z2024-03-13T17:00:00Z NixOS Board Call - Sponsorship Discussion

Call Link: Jitsi Meet


2024-03-18T19:00:00Z @infinisil’s weekly Nixpkgs architecture office hour

Meeting link: Jitsi Meet

Anything about Nixpkgs architecture, but preferably about things I’m working on at the moment.

This serves as a partial replacement for the dissolved Nixpkgs Architecture Team.


Have/will the meeting minutes from this discussion be posted? Thank you!


Here’s the direct notes HedgeDoc - Collaborative markdown notes (

I’ll try to formulate it into a post here but if someone has a minute that would be awesome. Just running around on the ground here and the wifi is spotty.

Thanks! Sorry I forgot to follow up here: I’ve posted the final notes here

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2024-04-09T16:00:00Z Vienna Meetup: Nixos & Disks: nixos-anywhere, disko, impermancence | NixOS User Group Austria

At Topics: Disk setups & installation, open discussion.
Come chat with us on for questions, feedback and so-on

Rathausstraße 6, 1010 Wien


2024-04-17T16:30:00Z Nix Milano meetup

Evening event consisting of two talks.

The event is on meetup and we have a dedicated matrix room, if you want to attend and you don’t want to sign up for proprietary services just write us on Matrix.


2024-04-23T22:00:00Z Maryland Nix meetup

We’re starting a Nix/NixOS user group in the East Coast in the DC / Maryland / Virginia area. Got some space scheduled at a local makerspace - Unallocated Space at 6:00 PM on 23 April 2024.


2024-04-13T21:00:00Z2024-04-14T00:00:00Z Socal NUG Meetup

Come join us for the 5th NUG meetup! Bring your laptop, show off your Nix configs, and ask questions. No prior experience with Nix is required, and all are welcome.

Sponsorship policy discussions: Add sponsorship policy. by djacu · Pull Request #128 · NixOS/foundation · GitHub


NixOS Meetup Darmstadt

Chaos Computer Club Darmstadt e.V.,
Wilhelminenstr. 17,
64283 Darmstadt

Our chat is on Matrix.

See also NixOS Meetup in Darmstadt - 2024-04-22

2024-05-02T17:00:00Z2024-05-02T21:00:00Z Parisian NixOS meetup


Weekly SF NixOS Meetup at Noisbridge

Weekly SF NixOS Meetup at Noisbridge

2024-05-10T16:00:00Z Munich NixOS meetup

Where: muCCC Hackerspace – Schleißheimer Str. 39, 80797 München
Matrix room: for questions and planning of further meetups
See also: NixOS meetup, Munich, Friday 2024-05-10 , NixOS Meetup [muCCC]

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BI Weekly SF NixOS Meetup at Noisebridge

2024-06-01T08:00:00Z2024-06-01T16:00:00Z Day-long Nix(OS) meetup in MIlan.

The event is on meetup and we have a dedicated matrix room, if you want to attend and you don’t want to sign up for proprietary services just write us on Matrix.

This is the second edition of the first successful event.


6th Meetup of the Nix(OS) User / Learning Group Bochum

2024-05-08T11:00:00Z Foundation board open call

Video conference (Google Meet)
Collaborative scratchpad for meeting notes

Google calendar event (guests can invite other guests)

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