Companies Using NixOS Technologies in 2023

Hello everyone!

I wanted to revisit a topic that was discussed in the past, once in 2020 and again in 2016, regarding companies that utilize NixOS technologies. It’s always fascinating to see how the landscape evolves, so let’s compile an updated list for 2023!

Please share any information you have about companies currently using NixOS technologies, and feel free to provide any updates or insights you may have. Whether it’s your own experience, news articles, or any other reliable sources, every contribution is valuable.

For reference, here are the previous discussions from 2020 List of companies using NixOS technologies and 2016 Reddit - Dive into anything

Let’s make this an informative and engaging discussion!

Happy sharing! :rocket:


OroraTech (kip93)

Replit (ryantm)

Jetpack ( ??? )

Tailscale (@Within, they use it officially ?)

?? (@BeneSim, you can tell the company name?),

Maybe we could dig the jobs’ category, ie:

Datava (Princemachiavelli)

Sadly where I’m (AUSA), I didn’t see anyone using it, but I’m trying to leave a spark with nix shell for my projects


I work full time on NixOS infrastructure at

We’ll be sponsoring and attending Oceansprint and I hope to write a blog post on our experience with Nix and NixOS after the sprint as part of the sprint report.