Configuring NetworkManager

On one of my systems I want to hide a certain WiFi device from NetworkManager, as it constantly tries to connect to networks using that device but that won’t work due to a broken antenna. These connection retries also cause the other WiFi devices connection to be not usable as the broken device gets “priority” in routing until the connection is cut off again.

So I wanted to hide that device from NetworkManager, and it seems as if I had to add some config to /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf, which is generated by nixos and therefore immutable.

Current options do not support adding additional configuration to the config file.

Any ideas how I could add the appropriate section anyway?

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Not sure I understand correctly but perhaps you want the networking.networkmanager.unmanaged option?


Thats exactly what I want, thank you.

I’m pretty sure, that when I searched earlier today, networking.networkmanager.enable was only accompanied by a single other result…