Confusing Package Versions?

I just searched NixOS Search for zfs and the version shows 2.1.8
When I click to 22.11 the version shows 2.1.9

Isn’t the unstable supposed to show a higher or same version of the stable?

I haven’t looked, but I imagine you’re seeing the fact that they advance after hydra finishes with them, and there’s no guarantee that’ll happen in any particular order.

(if zfs was updated to 2.1.9 and the change was back ported, there can be a small window of inconsistency until both unstable and versioned channels advance and get updated search indexes)


That’s the case, you can even track the progress of the PR merged to
master here.

The backport PR was

Quoting Travis A. Everett via NixOS Discourse (2023-01-28 17:33:11)

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