Connect with Summer of Nix 2023 Graduates

We, @mightyiam and me, are running the third edition of Summer of Nix in collaboration with the NixOS Foundation and NLnet. This work is funded by the European Commission through the Next Generation Internet Program.

Summer of Nix is a 13-week long software development and training program aimed at:

  • Making free-and-open-source software more readily available through Nix and on NixOS
  • Helping young software professionals build practical software development skills
  • Sharing and growing Nix expertise.

This year’s Summer of Nix is held in mob programming format with 15 participants from all over the world. We’re posting details and updates about the program here on the Nix Discourse.

As the organizers, we’re trying to do something big for our participants: get them hired.

If you’re looking to expand a DevOps or software development team, we offer to get you in touch with our program’s graduates.

The document linked above lists people interested in working for a company that is invested in Nix. It includes recommendations from their mob fellows. Feel free to contact candidates directly and schedule a call. Summer of Nix developers have substantial practical experience getting complex build setups and service configurations to work reproducibly with Nix and NixOS, and demonstrate outstanding collaboration towards the program’s goals.

Please get in touch if you have further questions about participants, the program, or the Nix ecosystem.

At the end of the process, if you end up hiring one of the participants, we would appreciate a donation to the NixOS Foundation. This would enable us to continue implementing the program goals and onboarding more talent. You can support the foundation on Open Collective, making your company visible as a backer, or directly via bank transfer.

Shahar “Dawn” Or (@mightyiam)
Valentin Gagarin (@fricklerhandwerk)


Will there be a summer of Nix 2024?

Yes, we‘ll slowly prepare everything over the course of the next months and will post an announcement on Discourse.


Looking forward to take part!

I was just about to post the same question. I just became a free agent and was wondering if I could join this time around. Last year I was not that familiar yet.

@ubbabeck @delta231 @socd06 and anyone else interested, here’s the call for mob facilitator applications. We will issue a call for mob member applications in April 2024.


Would love to but I don’t have experience with mob programming yet :sweat_smile:

I don’t have extensive experience with Mob Programming too :cry:

Have mob member applications started? How can I participate?