Coq + Doom Emacs workflow idea

Does anyone use nix with Coq , emacs, specifically doom emacs.

I’m looking for idea’s and work flows to use these two together in harmony.

Asking for a friend. I’m not a coq or emacs user myself…

perhaps some who loves coq can share their experiences.

I’ve started using nix for Coq development recently. I’ve had an okay time with opam switches in the past, but they get really annoying if you need different versions of libraries / coq for different projects or branches… Each time you create a new environment in opam you have to recompile everything and it can take forever. Nix eliminates that pain, and flakes make it easier to make sure I have the right version of all of the dependencies for a given branch — that’s been really great.

Setting up direnv with nix-direnv and emacs’s direnv-mode has been fantastic as well because proof general will automatically switch which version of Coq it’s using based on the file I’m in. I’d recommend it.


Thanks for the information, very helpful.

Do you have your nix code on github or there about?

I’m glad nix is working for you!