Could not configure telescope-file-browser extension

Hi there :wave:

Sorry for kind of environment-specific question.
I’m setting up my neovim like this: link

Everything works fine, and I am using a standard (a.k.a. mutable) config file to configure neovim.
However, today I wanted to configure telescope-file-browser like declared in its readme. Looks like it doesn’t recognize my settings and always open with its defaults.

Here is the relevant part of my neovim config:

" Telescope
nnoremap <Leader>t <cmd>Telescope file_browser<cr>

lua << EOF
-- Telescope
defaults = {
    extensions = {
      file_browser = {
        theme = "ivy",
        -- disables netrw and use telescope-file-browser in its place
        hijack_netrw = true,
        cwd_to_path = true,
        grouped = true,
        files = true,
        auto_depth = 2,
        git_status = true,
        mappings = {
          ["i"] = {
            -- your custom insert mode mappings
          ["n"] = {
            -- your custom normal mode mappings

Looks like it might be another case of “it’s loading in wrong order” issue so I wanted to ask if anyone knows what I am missing :eyes:


Alright problem was this:

defaults = {
    extensions = {

these 2 should be in the same level :man_facepalming: