Crane(rust) fyrox basic template build on MacOS-Intel


help me~

I’m building the basic template of the Fyrox game engine.

As the title suggests, while the build is successful on ARM Mac, it’s not the case for Intel Mac. The code is ready to use with hidden buildInputs, but they are just the ones under the frameworks and a few like, libiconv, lld, clang, and llvm. On Linux, it requires things like fontconfig and alsa-lib. The important thing here is the Mac build, and the Mac build requires COREAUDIO_SDK_PATH. It seems like darwin.apple_sdk.MacOSX-SDK is exclusively for ARM M1 and M2. Do you happen to know what the macOS SDK for Intel is? I want to successfully complete the build.

basic3d-crane-edit = craneLib.buildPackage rec {
  pname = "basic3d-edit";
  version = "0.1.0";
  src = cleanCargoSource (craneLib.path ./.);
  cargoExtraArgs = "-p editor";
  cargoVendorDir = vendorCargoDeps { cargoLock = ./Cargo.lock; src = ./.; };
  nativeBuildInputs = buildInputs;
  buildInputs = buildInputs-full;
  COREAUDIO_SDK_PATH = if sinfo.distro == "mac-intel" then "${darwin.apple_sdk.sdk}" else "${MacOSX-SDK}";


There haven’t been any changes to nixpkgs darwin. It was my misunderstanding. The reason was that there were internal updates happening on my Mac, and when I installed the command-line tools again, it started working on my M2. Even referring to the link you provided for intel-mac, which includes,, and (the three default Intel-based options provided by nixpkgs), they all fail as well.

It’s a bit disheartening. Perhaps nixpkgs has given up on supporting Intel Macs since the release of M1? After all, Apple is a closed-source company. Haha, I hope it will work someday.