(cross) compiling nix for macos?

My nix PR is broken for macos. Is there a way to compile nix with a macos target on my machine? I’m running x86 nixos.

Cross-compiling no, since apple wants you to buy their hardware in order to compile software for their hardware, but there are ways to run darwin on linux:

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Yeah Tim Apple really thought the OSS community would cave on this and buy mac minis to run tests. I’m sure it sold a few, but this thread and the countless others like it across OSS discussion boards suggest to me that this was a short sighted decision.

A popular policy is :

Because the <PROGRAM> maintainers and team cannot reasonably be expected to contribute their time to developing this software for free, and go out of pocket to support certain platforms - we cannot commit to providing official support for those platforms.

We strongly encourage users of proprietary platforms to investigate and resolve issues on their machines and submit patches alongside the relevant test logs.
While we will not apologize for the inconveniences these proprietary systems have chosen to inflict on their users, we will do what we can to support these systems by merging reputable PRs.

I’m not a fierce FOSS zealot or anything. I’ve dug out old laptops to pull Windows BIOS keys for creating test VMs to sanity check before a release. But Tim’s policy doesn’t even let you buy a license and spin a VM. You are legally obligated to buy an Apple™ machine, and then and only then can you create an OSX VM to be run on that machine only… So any hope you had of integration with a CI/CD system just got much more obnoxious.

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Just be sure that in the hours of the day which you are performing “research” on an OSX image running on non-Apple™ hardware that your actions are “not officially condoned by or aimed at providing official support for” any particular OSS project, since Apple’s legal department may seek compensation for perceived “damages” or “loss of income” they believe are “rightly owed to Apple Inc.”

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