Cross compiling on macOS

I’m following along with this guide: Nix Flakes: Packages and How to Use Them - Xe Iaso

Which is fine so far. The problem is that the Docker example there does not run on my Mac. So I guess the thing here needs to be cross-compiled to work under Linux.

Can somebody show how that would work? I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the ways to write flake.nix files.

This seems to be the case for anything under macOS but the same problem applies for anybody working on or targeting different processor architectures, or?

I’m not even sure if cross compilation would be sufficient or reliable.

From all what I’ve heard it seems to be prefered to use a nix-enabled docker or VM to create the images via nix.

That’s also increasingly what I feel is the case.

But that does make the benefits of using this on macOS very thin.