currentSystem in nix flakes

Howdy, I’m trying to modify Gabriel’s Haskell workflow from here:

in order to have it work with flakes. Ive gotten to the point where its almost working, however Im getting the error “attribute ‘currentSystem’ missing”. My understanding is that this is because in pure mode it cannot look for the current system, and thus it must be made explicit.

As far as I’m aware, however, Im making sure to have the nixpkgs I import from my inputs, inherit the system attribute, so Im unsure why it gets to the point where it fails to find it.

This gist is what I have, my question is why inheriting the system as I have isnt enough for the nix flake process to find it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

No of this files does call builtins.currentSystem, so the problem seems to be in some other file you import.

Can you perhaps share the full error message and a fully reproducible example?

The nix/haskeleton.nix seems to import nix/default.nix, though that file is missing in your gist.