Dead computer (due to pulseaudio)?

Probably not related to NixOS but asking anyway…

I have been playing a game on Wine (AoE2). I started experiencing hangs a couple of days back. I managed to do a c-a-f1 on one and started top to see pulseaudio at 100%. Yesterday the game crashed and there was an assertion failure in pulseaudio code. My computer stopped responding afterwards. I did a hard reboot like usual except since then my computer stops working at various stages- before loading firmware, almost loading firmware and showing the Lenovo sign, failing to completely boot NixOS, or stopping while all is running fine.

Would anyone have any insights on what’s going on?

If the error happens at different stages of the boot each time, you should test your memory modules (with something like memtest86). It could also be some other hardware problem. If it’s failing before loading the firmware, it probably has not much do with either NixOS or PulseAudio.

Thanks I was worried pulseaudio burnt some capacitor or something. It doesnt just happen at different stages of boot though it also happens before the firmware even shows the Lenovo logo on monitor. But I think memtest would be a good first start…thank you.