Default fonts / font mappings for e.g. pdf-viewers?

Is there a way to define which fonts should be used for PDFs, which do not embed the fonts?

Here, I have a PDF which uses CourierStd and Helvetica, but the PDF-viewers (evince, atril, okular) use strange fonts instead, which make it quite unreadable:

  • CourierStd → texgyrechorus-mediumitalic.otf
  • CourierStd-Bold → FreeSerifBold.ttf
  • Helvetiva → texgyreheros-regular.otf
  • Helvetica-Bold → texgyreheros-bold.otf

(information from okukar → File → Properies → Fonts)

There’s Courier New on my system and I’ve installed liberation_ttf (which should include Helvetica), so, the mapping should be:

  • CourierStd → Courier New
  • Helvetica → Helvetica

Is there any way to achieve this?

(Modifying the PDF by hand works; when I replace “CourierStd” by “Courier”, the mapping is changed to CourierStd → texgyrecursor, which looks ok. But there should be a better way.)

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