'Device not available' when trying to connect to my bluetooth headphones

I’ve enabled ‘services.blueman.enable’ and ‘hardware.bluetooth.enable’
is there anything else I should be doing?

Thank you for your time

Check out the bluetooth wiki page: Bluetooth - NixOS Wiki

In particular these two headings in your case: Bluetooth - NixOS Wiki Bluetooth - NixOS Wiki

Also to preempt some common issues:

  • Most headsets can only be connected to one or two devices at the same time, but it may still appear connected, just not work, if you try more.
  • Sometimes your headset will default to HFP (hands-free profile). This uses an incredibly low bitrate so it can both receive sound and send your microphone input at the same time. It sounds horrible though, and is pointless when you’re not in a call; switch to aptX, AAC or SBC-XQ using pavucontrol if this happens.
    • Some bluetooth cards are a bit broken and get stuck with only HFP from time to time. Just reconnect your headset if this happens.
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Thank you, this is exactly what I needed!