Discourse ActivityPub plugin activation on this instance?

Have the admins of this instance considered activating the activitypub plugin on this instance? It looks quite official to me and would enable this forum to be accessible by anybody on the fediverse! There are already a few other people on mastodon and lemmy who might not have considered joining here, but activating the plugin would do away with the requirement to create yet another account.


That looks promising but it seems to be in fairly early stages of development. Initially it seems to have been very limited in that it’d only announce new discourse posts on mastodon with a special “note” section in your post (or the first 500 characters), not full federation as in relaying all activity in Discourse threads via AP or allowing AP users to create posts themselves.
AFAICT, it still seems to be very limited for actual discussions over AP. It’s all tested against Mastodon to give you an idea which really isn’t suited for “real” discussions, more for sharing stuff, answering questions about said stuff or quick reactions to current events.

It also still does not support edits yet which means any topic with AP enabled cannot have its posts edited by anyone which would be a downgrade at the expense of Discourse users.

It’s really cool to see someone working on this though. I’d love to interact with the NixOS discourse using Lemmy at some point. I could see Discourse’s reply-to feature mapping well to comment trees and upvotes would obviously map to hearts.

It’s questionable whether moderators would appreciate AP though. It’s one thing to have to create an account somewhere in order to spam or manipulate votes but it’s another to just be able to do that from a federated remote server which the moderators have no control over other than to block the entire server.

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