[Discussion] PR reviews

This is basically a lite-version of my https://github.com/NixOS/rfcs/pull/30 proposal, which assumes ofBorg support for adding labels. Let’s see if there is interest and how discourse works out. There is also a realistic chance github may improve this in the future.


Now, I’m wondering whether discourse is a proper UI, as if multiple committers monitor the thread there is no good way of marking a comment over there as “done” so only one needs to click the link I think, but…

If discourse works for this is to be seen, but if we really stick to the “shouldn’t take more than a minute” rule race conditions are probably not too problematic.

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If the touched package or one of its dependencies has always failed on a platform, it should be explicitly marked as broken (by adding broken = True to its meta attributes), so that ofBorg reports “No Attempt”.

Are things like stdenv.isDarwin documented anywhere in the manual?
We’re talking about platforms here and broken = true; will make it broken for everything.

I don’t believe so. There’s a bunch of stuff that’s undocumented and requires reading the source in the lib/ dir, including things like stdenv.optional and stdenv.optionals. There’s also things like stdenv.ifEnable which lives in lib/deprecations.nix with no explanation as to why it’s deprecated (trawling through history right now, this file used to be called misc.nix and was renamed with no explanation).

In fact, I don’t see any function-level documentation for nixpkgs at all. A few things are described in the manual, but as part of the general guide and not an explicit reference.

I’d like to suggest that the PR template include a comment under “motivation for change” saying something to the effect for package updates that if there’s a GitHub release, or a changelog entry somewhere, it should be linked there.

Can we add that for updates, the reviewer should find the changelog(s) and add a link (if OP does not already do that), and check that there is nothing missing.

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What’s the best way to correct a nixpkgs-update automatic PR? Submit a new PR? Recommend the changes in review?

Just “fork the PR” and create a new one. The bot won’t be offended :wink:

Just mention the replaced PR in the description. I’m not sure if githubs “fixes #xyz” keyword works with PRs, but you might try that.

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Just mention the replaced PR in the description. I’m not sure if githubs “fixes #xyz” keyword works with PRs, but you might try that.

We have recently seen it work for «Closes #NNNNN» in an update-collecting PR, I think.

Right, I think GitHub will only pay attention to the closes #NNNN phrases in the body a PR’s first comment/message.

This is a great way to handle r-ryantm’s PRs. If you close its PRs before merging the other one, it might open a duplicate PR on the next run.

What about this? https://nixos.org/nixpkgs/manual/#sec-functions-library

Fair point, there is documentation for lib.attrsets, but it seems for nothing else.

I take it the “rebuild count” is the number in the label? What does that actually indicate?

Edit: Does that mean the number of packages that will get rebuilt as a consequence of updating this one?

Yes, it is the total number of packages that will be rebuild due to the change.

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I have edited the OP to clear up broken vs platforms, mention how to fix bot PRs and explain more clearly that reviews should be on GitHub.

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What is the value in having a changelog link in the PR? I could see the value if it was somehow accessible to the user when updating, but without that I’m not convinced its worth it to ask reviewers to hunt down changelogs for every single package.

If the change is anything more than changing the version number and sha256, having access to the changelog can help provide context for the other changes being made. It also provides an easy way to learn about what the package itself is if you’re not already familiar with it.

I agree that this is very important. If I hadn’t read any of the changelog entries for package updates for software that I knew virtually nothing about, I wouldn’t have reviewed (sometimes merged) so confidently.

Most projects had some sort of “release notes” too if their wasn’t a changelog. And at a last resort I would use the “compare changes” feature that’s present in many places.

Changelogs are also a good help in figuring out whether the PR can or cannot be backported.

Indeed a reviewer should be determining whether a change needs a backport or not.