Do I have to enable alsa for pipewire?

Here is what I enabled related to the pipewire:

sound.enable = true;
security.rkit.enable = true;
services.pipewire = {
  enable  = true;
  jack.enable = true;

Is it enough to let all the applications use pipewire?
It looks it is enough for most apps like vlc and browser, but I have issues with some other apps.

For example, I have this error when I open guitarix:

system init *** mlockall failed;
PitchTracker *** error creating realtime thread -tuner not started 

It looks for non pipwire users the fix is adding the user to audio and realtime group but I am not sure what would be solution with piplie in this case.

I would use the recommendations from the unofficial wiki instead: PipeWire - NixOS Wiki

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