a gentle introduction

A lot of people meet DocBook for the first time when they’re contributing to the documentation of older, well established open source projects. I’ve built to help them get past the initial hurdle of “what do I do now?”

I hope this helps!


I like the dockbook layout chosen there!


That’s a very clear and friendly introduction to DocBook, thanks a lot!


Have you ever gotten around to writing about your workflow with DocBook? That is, validating, publishing, installing and applying stylesheets, etc.

Sorry for bumping this conversation, but this seemed to be the most relevant one. I’m trying to start out with DocBook (again) on NixOS, but most tutorials and docs don’t mention these topics, not to mention the Nix-specific quirks.

Lastly, thank you for your effort on the site! (I was only able to retrieve it from Internet Archive for now.)

We have since started the migration over to markdown.

Personally, it was hard for me to know which of the 300+ element tags to use, with what attributes.

Docbook may be very powerful, but it comes with a very high barrier to entry.


Thanks, I noticed that regarding the Nix* manuals, and for smaller tasks I still prefer markdown, but I have a couple other projects that would require something more expressive. Although, I have been wrong before but can’t know for sure before I burned myself with it a couple times…:slight_smile:

We’re getting slightly off-topic here and for that I apologize, but maybe consider writing in org-mode and then export
to docbook for your projects?

I use it extensively (not the docbook export but for several other formats).

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