"Docker bad, Nix good" - caveman gpt4

I’ve seen a ton of these… but I had to share this one:

ChatGPT> more compelling, much more concise
Here are more compelling arguments presented in a much more concise way:

1. Docker is not adaptable for managing complex multi-service architectures, while Nix is.
2. Docker containers can be difficult to secure and audit due to their mutable nature, while Nix environments are immutable and inherently more secure.
3. Docker can result in bloated images with multiple layers, while Nix has a small footprint without bloat.
4. Docker updates can cause compatibility or building issues, while Nix has a more reliable build process ensuring a working environment.
5. Docker ignores local configurations and can generate compatibility issues, while Nix provides a more universal solution.

ChatGPT> caveman style
1. Docker bad for complex systems. Nix good.
2. Docker unsafe. Nix safer.
3. Docker bloated. Nix small.
4. Docker updates risky. Nix reliable.
5. Docker ignores setup. Nix universal.