Dual-booting NixOS on a Raspberry Pi

I’m interested in running NixOS on my Raspberry Pi, but I’d prefer to keep my Raspbian installation intact so that I can continue my very important work (Minecraft server) as I figure out NixOS. It seems like the instructions out there (e.g. on the wiki) are geared toward producing the image for an entire SD card, including the partition table and everything. Is it possible to get Nix to build an image corresponding to just a single volume instead?

For “dual booting” my Pi (back before barbecuing it) I manually swapped the 2 SD cards I had.

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Great SD cards only cost about $5, so I strongly second @NobbZ.

Though lacking any experience in setting up a Raspberry Pi, I don’t see why it should not be possible to partition your target as required and run nixos-install from an adequately prepared USB stick. But yeah, it sounds like jumping through a bunch of hoops… So just swapping SD cards is probably the more practical approach.

Sounds like my best bet is just to buy another card :slight_smile: Thanks all!