Dualbooting windows

I’ve NixOS installed on one ssd on my laptop and windows 11 on the nvme disk. I’ve followed the wiki adding the grub and osprober enabling lines and commenting the systemdboot lines, but after rebuilding the configuration and rebooting I get systemdboot again and no option to choose windows. There is something else that needs to be done?

Thanks in advance.

If you changed from systemd-boot to grub, then you probably need to install the bootloader:

nixos-rebuild boot --install-bootloader

sadly no dice, after the rebuild and bootloader installation, terminated without errors, systemdboot is still presented at boot time.
here the relevant part of my config

# Bootloader.
  #boot.loader.systemd-boot.enable = true;
  #boot.loader.efi.canTouchEfiVariables = true;

  boot.loader.grub.enable = true;
  boot.loader.grub.device = "nodev";
  boot.loader.grub.efiSupport = true;
  boot.loader.grub.useOSProber = true;

also, I don’t require necessarily grub, if it’s possible to setup dualboot with systemdboot I have no problem in using that, simply doesn’t seems possible reading the wiki.

You may have to use efibootmgr to set grub as the default.