Earth-view: random desktop background from Google Earth View

Want a cool desktop background without the hassle to search for one? This project is for you!

Based on assets from Google Earth View, these modules for NixOS and Home Manager use a systemd service to randomly select a beautiful background for your desktop.

Are you quickly bored? Set a timer to automatically change the background every few hours!

This project was first somewhat introduced by this post. I was very new to Nix at that time, the project was clearly not perfect and lacked features. I got the chance to learn a lot in four months and have rewrote the whole project as a Flake in the last few days.

Not using Flakes? Don’t worry, the modules are compatible with non-Flake setup too!

Read more at the project source and don’t hesitate to test it and to provide feedback!


random desktop background

that’s not very reproducible :frowning:


Yeah but It’s reproducibly unreproducible, so still not that bad :smile:


I should have been able to come up with such a good answer :joy: