EmguCV on 22.05? Help! Plz :-)

We’re currently porting a C#/dotnet 6.x embedded system’s application from Windows to NixOS.

Among other libraries, our app is highly dependent upon OpenCV via EmguCV (a C# wrapper around the native OpenCV libraries).


We’re running into several issues getting EmguCV working on NixOS (see NixOS Linux support? · Issue #786 · emgucv/emgucv · GitHub) , which we can’t seem to work out.

We’re reached out to EmguCV support, however, they are not familiar with NixOS and would like a pretty penny to dig into the issue.

Our team is new to NixOS as well, placing us in a predicament of sorts.

We’ve been able to successfully build the packages following these directions (see https://www.emgu.com/wiki/index.php/Download_And_Installation#Getting_ready) — which describe building on Ubuntu 20.04 - however, upon attempting to validate the build per the same instructions - we’re tripped up by the DLLNotFoundException — which ultimately boils down to lib dependency issues.

Needless to say, we’re caught between a rock and a hard place and would really appreciate some help to figure this out — assuming it can be.

Given the Opencv 4.5.4 is supported on NixOS 22.05 and that we were able to successfully build the emgucv libraries — it would seem that getting this package to work is well within the world of possible — unfortunately, we are not experts in either making this all very tricky biz.

To conclude; we’re specifically looking for a package based on the following combinations:

  • Emgucv 4.5.4
  • Opencv 4.5.4
  • CUDA 11.2
  • CUDNN 11.2 (8.4.5?)

Thanks in advance for your help!