Enable Tap to Click in GDM (GNOME Login Session)

Hello everyone.
I want to enable tap to click in GDM login session with enable xinput.touchpad.tapping but it not make a sense. I write it in configuration.nix.

services.xserver.libinput.enable = true;
services.xserver.libinput.touchpad.tapping  = true; # Add tap to click in GDM

I use this tutorial to enable it in other distros, such as Fedora. My question is what should I do to enable tap to click in GDM?

Thanks for your help

services.xserver.libinput does not configure GNOME. That tutorial is correct that you need to change GSettings value (or the underlying dconf database if you wish).

I described the current options for doing that declaratively in Need help for NixOS Gnome scaling settings - #5 by jtojnar.

I can’t get your mean for now. Can you explain it clearly?