ESP-IDF at the NixOS Wiki is not working

I spent too much time trying to make ESP-IDF - NixOS Wiki work as I have an ESP-IDF project. Spending time on infrastructure when one has a project at hand is something that can turn down people from using NixOS. It haven’t done so to me but a change is needed. This wiki page should either be removed or disclaimed with something that - this is neither supported nor working.

That’s odd, I followed “The manual way” maybe three weeks ago and managed to compile stuff to an esp32. Haven’t tested it recently however, and I definitely agree ESP infra needs work. Unfortunately embedded frameworks are pretty crazy to work with so I understand why no one has bothered

I actually tried the “manual way” as well. There were lots of issues with Python and I’m not at home there. Ended up not usingn Nix for this and IMO we should spare the croud the frustration and disclaim the Wiki page.

I disagree, the wiki isn’t intended to be a place for good official ways to accomplish things. It’s the community’s place to gather solutions that otherwise might not be good enough for the manual. Awful hacks and workarounds are okay to be put there, as long as they work.

It seemed to me that the recipy on the Wiki was good enough to be used. It wasn’t. I would have updated it with a disclaimer - not currently working (if I could).

I updated the wiki information for the manual path. I at least on esp32-c3 (risc-v) using a simple example works (blink, wifi-ap).

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In the wiki, "nix --experimental-features ‘nix-command flakes’ develop github:mirrexagon/nixpkgs-esp-dev#esp32-idf ",change #esp32-idf to #esp32c3-idf can work on esp32c3

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