Exciting Partnership Announcement: Framework Community & NixOS Communities Join Forces!

I got mine shipped to a friend in Europe first.

Terrific initiative.

I won’t apply because I already daily drive NixOS on a Framework laptop, but I’d happily contribute (code/review, testing, documentation) to improve (the already pretty slick) support.


We already have two Framework laptops running NixOS in the house (a FW16 and an AMD FW13), so I won’t request a donor box. I’m happy to assist with testing, but you probably don’t want me writing much code now. I’ve been in management too long and I’m rusty :stuck_out_tongue:


Surely, you are jesting! This could be the opportunity :slight_smile: !


This seems to be a pretty widespread issue (just happened to me again today, status 2 though instead of status 3) and there is a good collection of NixOS users also reporting this problem in the thread.
Also, I believe this is a NixOS issue as well? Framework NixOS (Linux) users self-help - #177 by Niko_Cantero - Linux - Framework Community

Any support contract job comes with a laptop, a fixed number of expected hours of work, and pay.

On top of that, they want someone to sign an NDA - so you’re not making any money per hour from it, but you’re supposed to take the legal burden of complying with an NDA?

I like the Framework concept, but that’s a ridiculously terrible deal.

I’ve been daily using NixOS on an Intel framework. Minus a few hiccups it’s been solid. Super excited to see this partnership!


For those of us who were not selected, it would be great to be kept in the loop regarding whether this partnership continues etc. Very excited for Framework, and very excited they are putting resources towards NixOS.

Thanks for organizing!

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Hello everyone, quick update.

Thank you to everyone who participated, we have a staggering amount of 79 applications !

About the unreleased NDA model

For now, the unreleased NDA model is postponed according to my contact at Framework as they want to see the community proceed with the public models.

For everyone who filled for the unreleased NDA model but didn’t put they were interested in another public model, you are still an applicant, and you will still be considered when the time will come.

For others: feel free to apply for the unreleased NDA model! There’s no deadline anymore until I hear more.

About the public models

We have a total of:

  • 18 applicants for AMD 13"
  • 12 applicants for AMD 16"

(you can infer now that everyone is after the mysterious laptop(s) :smiley:.)

A short-list has been carved out for those two series. You will receive emails if your application is not considered for the project.

If you need personal feedback on your application, feel free to reach out to me.

A more general note on those applications: I was really impressed by the high quality of certain submissions, with very impressive backgrounds for the problem space.

Obviously, from my perspective, there’s a finite amount of laptops and a choice needs to be done.

Nonetheless, this made me think (again) that our community is great, and we need more opportunities like those, so I am curious whether we will be able to have more of those opportunities.

Next steps:

  • I will present those choices to the NixOS Foundation board to have a final confirmation
  • I will present those choices to Framework and contact everyone who was selected to prepare them for the paperwork

About your personal data

If at any point in time, you would like to have your data removed from this process, please reach out to me.

Being kept is useful if anything goes wrong in the process, and we need to reselect new folks.

About shipping

Framework can only ship where they are allowed to ship in general, it would be hard for them to ship to an unsupported location, for what is worth.


Very excited about more support for Framework laptops in NixOS :3

I have not received an email. Is the process still ongoing?


Havn’t received anything either. Guess that means the applications are still in the review process?


I am sure these are still being processed. I imagine its quite an effort to go through all the applications and then discuss with the NixOS Foundation and then with Framework as well! Understandable that we are all excited for the results and see the progress of NixOS on Framework laptops. I enjoy seeing and being a part of a passionate community


Yeah, an update would be great.