External touchscreen display not working as intended

Hello, I’ve recently bought the 15 inch touchscreen display by Espresso. My nix machine seems to work well with it, except that the way it interacts with the actual touchscreen part is strange. It definitely picks up that it’s a touchscreen because I can see that something is happening when I touch the screen. Is there some way I should calibrate it, or is there something I need to put in my config for it to register touch correctly?

You can assign a calibration matrix using udev: Static device configuration via udev — libinput 1.23.0 documentation

As the docs say however it’s going to be a royal pain in the arse to guesstimate that matrix. Maybe you can use whatever calibration tool gnome provides to get the numbers and then throw them into a udev rule?

Sounds to me like the device isn’t properly supported though, any logs from libinput? Should be somewhere in your xsession logs.