Fan and temperatures skyrocketted with the profile submitted in github

My laptop is a Lenovo T540p so I guessed the T440p is just a different screensize.

I added the profile in the configuration.nix

imports =
[ # Include the results of the hardware scan.
# <nixos-hardware/lenovo/thinkpad/t440p> # commented to avoid the problem.

xsensor showed a temperature of 97° celsius more than 3000RPM for the fan and unexpectedly the htop is not that high, around 25% of cpu time.
When I reverted the hardware config using “nixos-generate-config” xsensors calmed down to 50° in summer with the laptop on a bed. So my old potatoe isn’t the only problem.

What exactly are you trying to “learn” here? Did you forget to ask a question? :slight_smile:

Let me guess - for figuring out why your laptop acts so differently with that module enabled, just look at the module you link to and enable the same settings. You can add the same stuff in there to your own configuration.nix, and they will behave the same, except for the things in imports of course.

For the things in imports, you can enable them with <nixos-hardware/lenovo/thinkpad> and <nixos-hardware/common/cpu/intel> respectively. Their definitions live in and - at which point I think you see the pattern.

If you go through the list of settings one by one, and figure out when your CPU starts overheating again, you can probably pinpoint what the difference is and then maybe add a PR with modules for your laptop!

That said, I don’t think this module does anything particularly exotic, so I think this is more likely to be a coincidence. Have you tried looking at the output of dmesg, or checking if your CPU was doing GPU rendering work that the DGPU should normally have done? nvidia-smi pmon will tell you how much DGPU time each process is using, much like htop.

Ok I will watch that,
My question was just about an eventual wrong action.
Thank you.