Fcitx5 chinese input failed to locate library libcloudpinyin.so

Using fcitx5 as input method and add chinese add-on, like configuration below

i18n.inputMethod = {
    enabled = "fcitx5";
    fcitx5.addons = with pkgs; [

then fcitx5-configtool is used to add chinese pingyin as input method.
the terminal reports the error

E2023-07-05 00:01:40.438748 addonloader.cpp:32] Could not locate library libpinyinhelper.so for addon pinyinhelper.
I2023-07-05 00:01:40.438774 addonmanager.cpp:188] Could not load addon pinyinhelper

I suppose the chinese-add-on will include this? otherwise I did not see any fcitx5.addons will include it.

Am I missing something? or some lib version is not correct?

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