Fenix: rust toolchains for all channels and rust-analyzer nightly

Fenix provides the minimal, default, and complete profile of rust toolchains, latest profile of nightly toolchains, nightly version of rust analyzer and its vscode extension.
It aims to be a replacement for rustup and the rust overlay provided by nixpkgs-mozilla.


Looks cool! Haven’t taken a super close look, but can you say what the differences to Rust-overlay: a better rust toolchain provider and drop-in replacement of nixpkgs-mozilla are?


oxalica/rust-overlay seems like a drop in replacement for nixpkgs-mozilla with more features. It includes all the rust toolchains in the past (manifests) while fenix only includes the latest.

Fenix is more of a replacement to rustup that falls back to older versions of nightly toolchains when components are missing.
oxalica/rust-overlay seems to have a different behavior:
Note: default profile on nightly may not always be available due to absense of required components. You can check availability on Rustup packages availibility.

I didn’t know about this library until now, feel free to correct me if I missed anything.

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Thanks! I don’t know oxalica/rust-overlay very well either, but I thought it was related enough that knowing the differences would be useful :slight_smile:

oxalica/rust-overlay has selectLatestNightlyWith to select the latest nightly toolchain which contains your selected components/extensions. It is also documented in README.
The content you quoted is kind of obsolete. It’s fixed now.