Firefox extensions


I’ve now changed the automatic generation of Firefox addon packages somewhat and will eventually remove the overlay provided in

Instead, the addon packages are available through my NUR repo. So if you have NUR installed you can access the Firefox addons under nur.repos.rycee.firefox-addons. E.g.

$ nix-env -f '<nixpkgs>' -qaP -A nur.repos.rycee.firefox-addons
nur.repos.rycee.firefox-addons.cookie-autodelete         cookie-autodelete-3.0.1
nur.repos.rycee.firefox-addons.decentraleyes             decentraleyes-2.0.10
nur.repos.rycee.firefox-addons.greasemonkey              greasemonkey-4.7
nur.repos.rycee.firefox-addons.https-everywhere          https-everywhere-2019.1.31              link-cleaner-1.5
nur.repos.rycee.firefox-addons.octotree                  octotree-2.5.6
nur.repos.rycee.firefox-addons.privacy-badger            privacy-badger-2019.2.19
nur.repos.rycee.firefox-addons.reddit-enhancement-suite  reddit-enhancement-suite-5.14.5              save-page-we-13.3
nur.repos.rycee.firefox-addons.stylus                    stylus-1.5.2
nur.repos.rycee.firefox-addons.swedish-dictionary        swedish-dictionary-1.19
nur.repos.rycee.firefox-addons.ublock-origin             ublock-origin-1.18.6

The package set is still automatically updated once per day.


@rycee what’s the benefit of using a NUR repo compared to an overlay?


Basically I like the idea of NUR and figured it was natural to include these packages there. I would have done it earlier but couldn’t find the time to set things up properly.

For the user the benefit is mainly that you’ll have access to everything in NUR, not just these Firefox addons and you don’t have to do any specific configuration just for the Firefox addons package set.

For me the benefit is that my repository setup becomes a bit more sensible. I have one repository for the update tool and a separate repository for the Nix expressions. So now the generated Nix files are under version control, before they were simply packaged up in a tarball and hosted on GitLab.