Firewall and antivirus

Hello new to Nitrux gnome downloaded does it need a Firewall or Antivirus or does it already have one installed I mean the firewall

You might be a bit confused here. This is the forum for NixOS, not Nitrux.

Sorry I mispelled I meanNix os

NixOS has a firewall that is enabled by default. Try accessing i.e. port 80 on your machine. That will fail and, by default, log that prevented access in dmesg. Ports to open must be explicitly specified.

Antivirus software is questionable at best when it comes to security, so I can’t speak of first hand experience. I know ClamAV is a thing, perhaps look into that: NixOS Search

Thank you for the reply

If you want additional security for system try to learn things like: apparmor, firejail, selinux.

And each of it has different kind of problems with how Nix and/or NixOS work.

You really shouldn’t try to combine them before you mastered each on its own.


So does Nix os have it’s own firewall as I read above is this enough to protect the pc?

protect from what?

if you don’t have any programs that listen to network - you don’t even need a firewall

if you are running random scripts/programs from network (which is not easy by itself on nixos) - you need much more than just a firewall

NixOS uses iptables rules by default to do firewalling, if networking.firewall.enable = true.

By default all access to any port is rejected.

You have to allow UDP and TCP ports explicitely.

This is how it currently looks in my config:

  networking.firewall.allowedTCPPorts = [80 443 1111 5555 8080 9002 9003 58080 4001];
  # networking.firewall.allowedUDPPorts = [ ... ];

Though to be honest I should probably revise that list…

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