Flake-utils-plus 1.2.0

Branching change:
From now on master serves as a development branch (previously staging was used for such purposes). Please use tags for stable releases of flake-utils-plus. In general, with the improvements in the test harness, releases might happen more frequently. Sticking with a tagged release might offer better trade-offs going forward.
Please note, while 1.2.0 retains backward compatibility, 1.3.0 (Pre-release) is the same version with all backward compatibility removed.


  • Now overlays receive srcs option by default which represents Github repositories from inputs
  • channels.*.input is no longer required. By default it gets autogenerated from inputs
  • Added nix.generateNixPathFromInputs - Generates NIX_PATH from available inputs.
  • Added nix.linkInputs - Symlinks inputs to /etc/nix/inputs.


  • Updated fup-repl implementation, now it is a package and can load flake references by path.
  • Replaced xyzBuilder(s) with outputsBuilder.
  • Replaced saneFlakeDefaults nixosModule with nix.generateRegistryFromInputs option (set it to true to enable it)

Implemented multiple exporters: (Please see examples on the project page!)

  • lib.exportModules - Helper that builds attribute set of modules from paths.
  • lib.exportOverlays - Helper that builds namespaced attribute set of overlays.
  • lib.exportPackages - Helper that outputs packages depending on meta.platforms