Flake-utils-plus v1.1.0 released!

flake-utils-plus v1.1.0 released! GitHub - gytis-ivaskevicius/flake-utils-plus: Use Nix flakes without any fluff.
Lots of changes and improvements. This release ended up with 92 commits. Wow, that’s a lot of commitment :wink:
Massive thanks to flake-utils-plus contributors: @blaggacao, @Pacman99, and @chvp.


  • Added a pretty sick repl. Currently supports NixOS systems. Current REPL implementation will likely change in the future.
  • Added custom system builders support. This allows implementing configurations for darwin or standalone home-manager and much, much more.
  • Added patching support for modules and lib’s.

Fixes and improvements:

Deprecations (These options will be removed in future releases):

  • Deprecated nixosProfiles option in favor of hosts.
  • Deprecated defaultSystem option in favor of hostDefaults.system.
  • Deprecated sharedModules option in favor of hostDefaults.modules.
  • Deprecated sharedExtraArgs option in favor of hostDefaults.extraArgs.


  • Some automated tests were set up to avoid breaking existing functionality.
  • Improved documentation. (Still not great, but hey - that’s NixOS ecosystem for you :smiley: )

I’d want point out what a great fun it was to contribute to this project. Seems we managed to unlocked a pretty healthy social dynamic.

I’d encourage everyone to try this library out and confront their use cases. It has already gotten really powerful, but I guess we want, for example to develop the sharing model, further. And already some hidden gems are in the pipeline.

While working on it numtide/flake-utils has also gotten (back) a little face lift with a package filter to satisfy nix flake check.

Now, in the coming days, divnix/devos is going to be rebased on flake-utils-plus to consolidate and strengthen our “day 2 onboarding story” (people that have used nix and want a kick-ass way to start using NixOS). But with the rebase, we plan to also hold some hard value for veterans in stock.

This was a really coordinated ecosystem-spanning effort! Thank you @gytis-ivaskevicius for hosting it.


I like how you released the pun.


That’s the playfulness you can expect while contributing with @gytis-ivaskevicius :+1: