Flakes (A new "Nix for Numbskulls" tutorial)

I’m still a “flake beginner”, but I’ve put together some information that I think might be useful to others. Comments and criticisms are welcome.

My “Nix for Numbskulls” guides.

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I think you’re missing some backticks here.

You also link to the nix pills as a useful resource for beginners in the Haskell bit - I agree they’re well-written, but it’s best to point newcomers to the nix and nixpkgs manuals - they are written more to help someone new to the ecosystem get started, rather than trying to explain everything from first principles, while covering more of the actual use cases.

I like this page because it’s probably the most useful single page for someone trying to learn how to write nix packages/modules: Writing Nix Expressions

I like it otherwise; maybe you could consider contributing to https://nix.dev/? I’d love a centralized place for little how-tos like this, especially if it could be more prominent in the official docs. nix.dev is a pretty good start for that :slight_smile:

@TLATER Thank you for the feedback! I’d be very happy to contribue to any of my tutorials to nix.dev. I assume I should fork the repo and do a pull request.