Flakes and filterSource

I have flake structured like this

    overlay=final: prev:{
      a=final.Package calling b;

I’m modifying a package such that only flake.nix get changed,not the other source files,creating spurious rebuilding of b.I’ve tried to replace b.src with a filterSource that excludes flake.nix (on the reasoning that if the changes to it would need a rebuild,itwould already change the drv) but apparently filterSource is not supported in restricted mode.Why?

Could you try src = self;? That seemed to work for me, but I haven’t looked into the details to verify what it is doing.

No,the problem is that I’m editing the a expression in flake.nix but b keeps recompiling as it depends on the source flake itself

Also I’ve tried to replace src=self with

src = with builtins;filterSource(path: type: 
          null!=match "flake.*" path

But I’ve still got error

error: string '/nix/store/cw25vzzrmlhn16alzi5dgvadjkpfhb0p-source' cannot refer to other paths, at /nix/store/cw25vzzrmlhn16alzi5dgvadjkpfhb0p-source/flake.nix:65:29

Ah, you are right. I have src = self; and I tried making a trivial change to my flake.nix file, a newline, and it rebuilds my package.