Flakes configuration error: 'narHash' does not exist


I am trying to switch my nixos configuration / home-manager setup over to flakes, and I keep getting this error:

The option 'narHash' does not exist. Definition values:
- In `<unknown-file>': "sha256-eslgKaIXEzXXVSAlZP42TcjMBo7F4qkHaa0Ea8MSE0g="

I have a couple files that were previously in the import block of my configuration.nix , but I kept getting errors about those so I tried to add them as non-flake (flake = false;) inputs to my flake.nix but now I seem to be bumping up against this issue. Does anybody have an idea what the solution might be?

here is the link to my config if you are interested GitHub - JonathanLorimer/nix-config at flakeify