Flakes & parent module reference

I have a project using nix flakes importing another one. I’ve got other as input in flake.nix but now my question is how do I use other.nixosModules.module?

Say that in this (child) project I want to configure a bunch of machines (nixosConfigurations) that need to use module module (defined in parent). My problem is that in NixOS imports or even modules for lib.nixosSystem I need to give it a file. I am quite sure there is some trick, but unfortunately I am not that familiar with NixOS module system.

Or what if I actually wanted to reference a file from parent flake. Could I use <other/file.nix>? Yes, that is ugly and probably just means I need to refactor my code a bit, but still I am wondering about those cases.

Thanks for hints.

Seems I was a bit too fast to judge that other.nixosModules.module doesn’t work. It was my mistake when defining the module. So import or modules can get either .nix files or a function. And I presume in flake I can export also attribute set names that are not “well-defined”.