Flox Mission and Hiring

Flox’s mission is to make it easier for all developers to benefit from Nix and to increase adoption. We think this is an exciting time for the ecosystem, with a lot of incoming interest, and that we are poised for a rapid increase in adoption. We intend to work on the things that would make it easier for organizations and teams to benefit from the underlying technology. Let us know if you are interested in the same mission and bring experience in some of the following:.

  1. Nix/Nixpkgs contributions
  2. Go, Rust, Python, Javascript and lang2nix tooling
  3. Experience in highly regulated or security-conscious environments
  4. UX/DX design and frontend
  5. k8s, containers, and cloud deployments
  6. CI/CD
  7. Technical writing, documentation, and content creation

We will be starting several long-term projects - some open-source - and working on a range of topics from core Nix improvements, lang2nix tooling, and Nix ecosystem orchestration. We are hiring, please apply at Flox | AngelList Talent. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to have a conversation.

github: tomberek
calendar: Calendly - Thomas Bereknyei
email: tomberek@gmail.com