Flutter build apk error downloading some files

Im having problems with flutter build apk after run “flutter create firstapp”.


  • What went wrong:
    Error resolving plugin [id: ‘dev.flutter.flutter-gradle-plugin’, version: ‘1.0.0’]

A problem occurred configuring project ‘:gradle’.
Could not create service of type OutputFilesRepository using ExecutionGradleServices.createOutputFilesRepository().
Failed to create parent directory ‘/nix/store/klg0j43fggxncjl4fj8dsikcncw2acys-flutter-3.13.4-unwrapped/packages/flutter_tools/gradle/.gradle’ when creating directory ‘/nix/store/klg0j43fggxncjl4fj8dsikcncw2acys-flutter-3.13.4-unwrapped/packages/flutter_tools/gradle/.gradle/buildOutputCleanup’

My flake.nix its in this file: [flake.nix]
(flake.nix · GitHub)

I migrated my windows machine but my projects in flutter are not compiling, someone have some tip ? sounds like gradle its trying to download some temporary files on /nix/store/…
Im running inside a nix develop environment. If someone need to test just run this command: “nix develop github:pedrohms/flake-develop#flutter”

Apparently the last repository update fixed the error.