Freeze using powertop kernel 6.1-rc1


I was waiting for the 6.1-rc1 kernel which was released yesterday because it contains a fix for the fan control on my machine (Asus zephyrus G14 GA402).
I tried it using a custom nixpkgs clone and modifying the linux-testing.nix file of the repo to make it point to 6.1-rc1 tag.

The machine boots correctly and my fans are now correctly working, however if a run powertop it instantly freezes. I am unable to gather any info about a panic in the journalctl or whatsoever.

Any hints about where to start in order to find the issue ? I know the kernel is extremely bleeding edge so it can be normal to get those kind of issues but I wanted to be sure I did not messed with something before logging a bug.

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Same here, also with AMD (Lenovo Legion 7 gen7 2022 AMD AE, Ryzen 9 6900HX). powertop makes laptop freezes instantly; not a panic, no dmesg output, not even sysrq works, just hard power off.

Thanks for the info.
I created a bug on the powertop github seems it impacts Intel based machine too. Maybe it is related to radeon chip though.

You should probably report that at Issues · drm / amd · GitLab.

Maybe also look for patches in Linus’ tree, perhaps this has already been fixed.