Frictionless Data Tool Fund for reproducible science or research

The Open Knowledge Foundation is offering grants of $5,000 to support individuals or organisations in developing an open tool for reproducible science or research built using the Frictionless Data specifications and software.

This seems to be a topic where Nix could help. Maybe someone want to use this oportunity to improve our tooling for this use-case?

We welcome submissions of interest until 17th May 2020 .


Indeed, sounds like a good match for Nix. There is also (if you have some bigger plans about data and service portability) this funding scheme:

That is also focused on open source. Sums of up to €100.000. Deadline April 22nd.


While we are at it, if people are working on identity management solutions there is also a grant scheme for open source identity management projects here:

I’ve been wanting to get org-babel blocks to work with nix seamlessly, is that related here?

Note this may already be possible with direnv.

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