Games not working (Nvidia GPU)

I was curious to try a tool called umu-launcher that aims to replicate the steam runtime outside of steam. The best part is that it supports NixOS out of the gate.

After installation, you just need to run:

GAMEID=0 WINEPREFIX=~/Games/umu/umu-game umu game.exe

Note that the command is umu not umu-run.

Relevant links:

I ran a few games with it and they worked great. Hopefully it works for you too.

Hi, sorry its been a minute just thought I’d update. I’ve managed to get wine games working fine, pretty much by completely reinstalling (excuse to overhaul my NixOS configs), so no solutions, and still some problems with Lutris, but Heroic is running like a dream. Also tried umu and the project seems really cool but still had some problems with that. Not really sure what the problem was but I’m just happy its working. Thanks everyone for their help!

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Whatever it was, glad it’s working for you again :grin:

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