(German) casual mumble meetup every Thursday 19:00 - 23:00 (CEST)

Since a few months we have a meetup on lassulus’s server:
Right now we are mostly German speaking participants also we switch to English from time to time.

To join simple run:

$ nix-shell -p mumble --run "mumble mumble://$USER@lassul.us/nixos"

It will be also announced in #nixos-de on IRC right before it happens.


Just a reminder that also today there will be another meetup, like every week.

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Is there a fixed schedule for this meetup? If yes, could you please name the time?

Yes. As the title said, it’s every thursday 19:00 CEST.

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In the title it is indicated Central Europe Time. It’s Berlin-Paris-Madrid-Bruxelles.

Last time I tried attending, but really too late, something like 21:00 or 22:00.
My german was not sufficient for understanding enough. But I learnt the word “packagiert” :slight_smile:

They were deeply in conversation, and sadly they seemed not to have noticed my message so as to switch to English.

Sorry. I try to watch out for new folks joining, but I might have missed it this time. Around 21:00 to 22:00 some folks might already left again.

Just a reminder that the meetup will take place again this evening.

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Yet another Meetup reminder.

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Like every week, we got our meeting in an hour.

Like every week, we got our meeting in two hours.

Yet another week, yet another meetup.

Also tune in today to our lovely meetup!

Meetup meetup every week!

Already another week? Already another meetup taking place!

Another day to run:

nix-shell -p mumble --run "mumble mumble://$USER@lassul.us/nixos"

and for the flake users:

nix run nixpkgs#mumble -- mumble://$USER@lassul.us/nixos
nix shell nixpkgs#mumble -c mumble mumble://$USER@lassul.us/nixos