(German) casual mumble meetup every Wednesday 19:00 - 23:00 (CEST)

This week we will meet on workadventure instead of mumble.
To join:

$ nix-shell -p chromium --command 'chromium https://play.lounge.rocks/_/global/mrvandalo.github.io/workadventure-worlds/main.json'

And we are now on mumble:

$ nix-shell -p mumble --run "mumble mumble://$USER@lassul.us/nixos"
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Meetup session currently running:
$ nix-shell -p mumble --run "mumble mumble://$USER@lassul.us/nixos"

Meetup starts in 1.5h hours.

Meetup starts again.

Meetup starting in 1/2h.

I seem to be a little late. Everyone is afk.

I think I was there until 22:00. I think peak time might be 20:00-21:00. Also on some days it gets let until 24:00.

We also meetup today again!

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We also meetup again this evening. We moved our irc channel now to #nixos / #krebs on hackint.org irc network.


Hope I will be able to join today. Why don’t we try jitsi or matrix for the call? Maybe it sucks less than mumble.

Also this week another meetup.

See you today at the meetup.

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Don’t miss the meetup today!

Also another meetup today.

Meet starts in 30 minutes.

Meeting starts soon.

Here we go! Meetup has started.

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Meetup starts now, come at join!

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Meetup starts in one hour!

Hosted by Flying Circus.