Getting everything declarative for dotfiles sync

I’m currently doing my first steps with nix on macOS. I want to have everything a declaratively as possible to having some well-defined dotfiles which i can sync across my devices.

As documented here nix.conf - Nix Reference Manual i have enabled use-xdg-base-directories in my ~/.config/nix/nix.conf and also set the XDG_CONFIG_HOME env var in my zsh config.

According to Channels - Nix Reference Manual a channel subscription is basically an addition to ~/.nix-channels. However, this file does not exist. There is also no new content added for the nix XDG_CONFIG dir.

So, my two questions are:

Where is the list of subscribed channels actually stored in? What do i have to do to have this list of subscribed channels stored in my $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/nix folder?